Monday, February 29, 2016

I've been hearing a lot about DPIs lately.......can you please explain them,

DPI stands for Direction Point Identifier,  It is a proprietary product of The Trading Coach.  It was designed to give traders an exact price point where they should enter a trade (thereby minimizing risk to a few ticks) and also to tell them the direction of the move. Further, DPIs are designed to identify larger moves that may run for days, weeks or months.

Recent DPIs include being short USD/CAD under 139.03......being short EUR/USD under 112.05.......and being short EUR/CAD under 152,10.  These DPIs were published on Linkedin two weeks before the moves started; each one has moved several hundred pips in the stated direction: and each has much more to go with new DPIs controlling the move (ie: allowing you to add to your winning positions).